Study: Ladies Already Feel Old at 29

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Generally speaking, I always thought that the term “Over the Hill” referred to anyone turning 40. Unfortunately, a new study has shown that for women, that term hits them as early as the age of 29.

A British company called Avalon Funeral Plans (ironic, huh?) polled 1,000 people on their website, and found that on average, women said they started “feeling old” when they were 29. Reports of things that made them feel old were outward markers, like gray hairs, sagging skin, and (ahem) “assets heading south.”

On the flip side, men reported they started to feel old at 58! A huge difference!  And instead of physical markers like the women chose, men indicated behavioral markers of aging, like finding music to be too loud, or experience erectile dysfunction.

What’s unclear, however, is how old the participants of the survey were. If they were over 58, they could look back on when they began to feel old. However, if they were under 29 or 58, they were just speculating and guessing when they’d feel old – and that’s not really fair. And besides, who takes a “when do you feel old” survey from a funeral website? Ouch!

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