When Should You Stop Wearing a Bikini?

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When should you stop wearing a bikini?

If you’ve ever gotten dressed and wondered, “Am I too old to wear this?”, the Daily Mail can now help you out – thanks to a survey from 2,000 women, ages 18 to 65. The old saying goes, “You’re only as old as you feel,” but according to this survey, you’re only as old as you look – and when you start looking “too old” to wear a certain article of clothing, you should stop wearing said clothing. So let’s cut to the chase! When are you supposed to stop wearing all the fun stuff?

The survey revealed that once women turn 47, they should hang up their two-pieces. Caron Leckie, a nutritionist for Diet Chef, said, “It’s up to individuals to choose when they should stop wearing certain items. Some women may be comfortable in a bikini at the age of 65, whereas the more self-conscious may want to stop much earlier.”

Since the survey was conducted by Diet Chef, it’s not surprising that Leckie says, “The secret to looking good is healthy eating and dressing appropriately for your style and shape. Age isn’t necessarily a factor.” Still, apparently age does play into when women should switch to more matronly, dowdy clothes.

Here’s the rest of the list.

The age women believe you should stop wearing:
Bikini: 47
Miniskirt: 35
Tube top: 33
Stilettos: 51
Belly button piercing: 35
Knee high boots: 47
Gym shoes/sneakers: 44
Leather pants: 34
Leggings: 45
Ugg boots: 45
Swimsuit: 61
Tight vest: 44
See-through chiffon blouse: 40
Long hair: 53
Ponytail: 51

What do you guys think of this “study”? Are women supposed to stop exercising at 44 and stop swimming and going to the beach at 61? Also, this is just my opinion – but you are never too young to hang up the tube top and take out your navel ring.

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