New Divorce Trend: Revenge Plastic Surgery

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There’s a new trend hitting America – revenge surgery. The term refers to surgery women get after divorcing their husbands, in a desperate attempt to “get back” the years they lost while in an unhappy marriage.

One woman, whose marriage ended after 25 years, and found herself thinking, “This isn’t how the fairy tale ends. I was crying every day, and I couldn’t get out of bed.”  Diana Solomon, 51, had modeled over the years, doing both catalog work and fashion shows, and decided to get some work done in order to restore her looks to what they once were.

She had treatments to rid her face of wrinkles, filler pumped into her lips, and Botox to smooth her brow. She says of the results, “After 27 years of being with one man, it was like I had come out of a time bubble.” And she’s not the only woman who has chosen to make these changes.

Driven to feel better about their looks following the heartbreak of a failed marriage, women seek cosmetic procedures to erase time and build confidence. A recent study by the Transform Cosmetic Group in Britain showed that 26% of plastic surgery patients are newly divorced women.

One doctor says the producedures with newly single women goes beyond the physical appearance – “It’s not about vanity,” says dermatologist Marina Paredo. “It’s about sanity. I’ve gone through divorce myself, and you feel unattractive and unlovable. A lot of these women say, ‘You gave me 10 years back,’and if they look in the mirror and like what they see, it really helps get them out of a slump.”

What do you think? Would you get “revenge surgery”?

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