"Fashion Star" Viewers Aren't Getting the Designs They Ordered

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One of the plus sides to the new fashion reality show Fashion Star is viewers' ability to order designs they see on the show. However, according to recent reports, viewers aren't receiving the clothes they ordered.

Jezebel reports that they ordered an H&M dress designed by Sarah Parrott (above) immediately after Fashion Star aired on March 13. They received a confirmation email, saying the dress would ship two days later, only to have H&M cancel the order the day it was to go out. The reason? H&M cited "a technical error with the available inventory in the online store." In other words, they didn't have enough of the dress in stock. Not even close, if Jezebel indeed ordered the dress right after the show.

Jezebel isn't the only one having problems with H&M, nor is H&M the only retailer to upset customers. A Today show commenter also received the email about an inventory glitch, and Fashion Star viewers are annoyed that the design purchased by Saks isn't available in plus sizes. Not only that, but many viewers and industry insiders suspect H&M purposely did not order enough dresses in order to generate buzz. H&M denies the claim.

"I can tell you that we ordered the dresses at our normal order size–average H&M quantities," H&M buyer Nicole Christie told Fashionista. "And we have it in 101 stores in the country and…it's flying off the shelves."

Despite all of the grumbling, it's clear that Fashion Star is generating plenty of sales for retailers who purchased contestants' designs. As long as the companies sort out the glitches before next week's ordering frenzy, viewers will likely come to love the abililty to order their favorite designs online, and Fashion Star will be considered a success (despite okay, but not great, ratings).

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