Virtual Reality Feature for Online Ring Shopping

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More people are shopping online these days to score the best deals, but when it comes to jewelry, some still like trying on bling before they buy. Especially for pricey purchases like engagement rings, shoppers want to make sure they absolutely love their selection before they splurge. has recently launched the "Augmented Reality Try it On" feature for their line of Tacori Engagement Rings, allowing you to actually see the ring on your finger!

"Never before has a user been able to truly simulate the look and feel of an engagement ring on their very own finger without stepping foot into a retail store," states Eric Peerless, Vice President of

First, you have to download the software for your Mac or PC. Then, print out the paper ring marker, cut and fold along the lines, and wrap it around your finger.

Next, just launch the augmented reality experience software on your computer and hold your hand with the paper ring up to the web cam, making sure the black box is facing the camera. Now you can see yourself wearing the beautiful ring! You can even click on the different styles to see how each would look.

The site also offers 3D high definition videos, allowing shoppers to see into every nook and cranny of the rings. is a family owned, fifth generation couture retail jewelry business, established in downtown Brooklyn, New York in 1910.

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