Traditional Gifts for Women Not Always a Good Bet

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Not sure what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Thinking of falling back on the traditional flowers, stuffed animal, or jewelry? Be careful. Despite what you see on TV, not all women love, or even like, teddy bears, roses, or heart-shaped pendants.

 So, what’s a good gift for women who dislike traditional gifts? That depends on her interests.   

When it comes to selecting gifts, think carefully about your lady’s hobbies and interests. Is she an avid scrapbooker? An enthusiastic sports fan? Does she like to paint, read, cook, collect? Once you have a good idea about your partner’s interests, think about the sort of things that go along with them. If your girlfriend loves scrapbooking consider buying her new supplies. If she’s a collector log on to Ebay and see if you can score a rare find for her collection. Many men (and women) avoid buying items based on their partner’s interests because they know little to nothing about them. However, most store clerks would be happy to help so don’t be afraid to search for cooking utensils for a girlfriend who loves to cook or art supplies for a girl who likes to paint.

If you know for a fact that your lady friend loves flowers or jewelry, then by all means send her a big bouquet or buy her a nice bracelet or necklace. However, don’t rely on traditional gifts simply because women are supposed to like them. Instead, select gifts based on your lady’s interests and personality.

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