Style Editor Takes On "What Not To Wear"

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It’s a bit ironic that a woman whose life revolves around helping others to know what is fashionable becomes a nominee for the TLC show, What Not To Wear. Strange, but that’s what happened to the The Frisky’s style editor Julie Gerstein.

So the question becomes why would she need Stacy and Clinton's help?  

She suffers from body dysmorphia, a psychological condition that many people suffer from. People with it are excessively concerned about one or more body parts being defective or deformed. Some symptoms include depression, social anxiety, and being extremely judgmental of one’s appearance.

Sure some of us who glance over the Photoshopped models in the latest Vogue may feel a bit less than perfect, but it’s not the same. Imagine that you just can’t bear to try on cloths because of the amount of self loathing you carry with you.

Of course this condition would be terrible to live with if your chosen profession involved fashion, style and shopping all the time.

So to help Julie out, Clinton and Stacy stepped in. In their iconic way the two of them showed her that she was indeed doing herself an injustice. The norm had become to hide her body with bulky sweaters and coats. Stacy and Clinton convinced her to work with her curves and not hide them away.

Did the experience cure her of the condition? Not in the slightest, but it did help her to chip away at parts of it slowly.

Maybe just figuring out how to work with what you’ve got is the secret to slowly overcoming your fears and embracing your flaws. Now if we could all spend a week in New York with the What Not to Wear team

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