Study Suggests Coffee May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

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Science has unearthed yet another reason women should quaff coffee. According to a recent Swedish survey, women who drink lots of java have a significantly lower chance of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer.

The research, published in Breast Cancer Research, found that women who drank at least five cups of coffee a day were up to 57 percent less likely to develop ER-negative breast cancer than women who drank less than a cup a day. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm came to this conclusion after tracking the health and habits of approximately 6,000 women between the ages of 50 and 74.

Women shouldn’t start guzzling coffee quite yet, however, as the link between the popular caffeinated beverage and a reduced risk of breast cancer is still uncertain. Plus, there just has to be a downside to drinking five cups of coffee a day.

"Before I would go to tell my neighbors to start drinking more coffee than they already do, I would like to know what is the biological mechanism at work here," study author Dr. Per Hal, professor of medical epidemiology and biostatistics at the institute, told HealthDay. "And that's not yet clear."

Previous studies have found that coffee may reduce a woman’s chance of stroke by 25% and help ladies perform better in stressful work conditions.


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