Newest Fad Diet- Baby Food

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The newest diet to hit the masses is called the Goo Diet.  It was developed by personal trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson.  Anderson created the diet as an easy way to cleanse the body, but celebrities have found it is an easy way to feel full while dropping a few pounds.

The diet works by eating 1 real meal and then snacking on 14 4 ounce jars of baby food. Sometimes whole meals are replaced by a jar of baby food.

Now, one would think that baby food was nutritionally sound as we feed it to little ones. The fact is we feed pureed food to babies to get them accustom to eating solid foods and not just taking a bottle. Infants do get the nutrients they need to grow. 

Adults however do eat solid food to get need a host of other nutrients not found in baby food.  Baby food lacks protein, fiber; iron and calcium that adults need to stay healthy. 

As with any fad diet once you go off it you are sure to regain the weight back quickly.  Rather than opt for the goo and a bib, try eating smaller portions and healthier adult snacks like fruits and veggies.

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