Mary Kay, Avon, Estee Lauder Sued for Making False Claims About Animal Testing

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Think your favorite brand of lipstick was never tested on furry critters? Don’t be too sure. A new lawsuit filed by five women in Los Angeles alleges that cosmetic companies Mary Kay, Avon, and Estee Lauder regularly test their products on animals, despite making - and profiting from - claims to the contrary.

Though the three cosmetic giants advertise their products as being “cruelty free,” the claim isn’t technically true. It seems that in China animal testing is required by law before a product can hit the market, so Mary Kay, Avon, and Estee Lauder perform the required tests but still advertise their products as cruelty free in the U.S. The claims appear on many products’ packaging and advertisements, not to mention the three companies hold prominent spots on PETA’s Do Not Test list.

The lawsuit argues that the cosmetic companies didn’t adequately disclose their animal testing activities in China and that thousands of women bought the cosmetics under false pretences. The women are seeking $100 million in damages (yeah, that amount sounds reasonable). It’s worth noting that the American products are, in fact, cruelty free.

Personally, I don’t think the cruelty free scandal is that big of a deal. The American products haven’t been tested on cuddly creatures, and the companies have to test on animals to compete in the massive, highly-lucrative Chinese market. However, I can see the plaintiffs’ point about how women have purchased cosmetics believing the companies never, ever test on animals and that the companies should have disclosed their testing in China.  

What do you think?

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