Live Large with a Luxury Watch

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If you're searching for a watch with "sensuous shapes, brilliant diamonds, opulent natural hued stones, rare decorative materials, intriguing colored metals, Swiss precision and innovative technology" (whew!), turn to Tiret. The luxury timepiece company created by Rock-a-Fella Records' Damon Dash and designer Daniel Lazar caters to whoever's got cash.

From rappers to real housewives, Tiret watches are favorites of the rich and famous. Kanye West has recently been wearing a custom-made gold one with a familiar face of diamonds. It reportedly took five months to make and cost Kanye $180,000. Usher also rocks a ridiculous wristwatch with his likeness, and a price tag of $250,000.

So how much does the commonfolk collection cost? With names like Debonair and Tourbillion, they sound expensive. Plus, any website that doesn't list product prices are usually extra pricey. Only a handful of stores in the U.S. sell them, with a few others in Dubai, Japan, France, Hong Kong, and Russia.

Gaze at the gorgeousness below! My favorite is the guitar.




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