Julianne Hough is an Acting, Dancing, Singing Sensation!

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Ryan Seacrest is a lucky man to be coupled up with super cutie Julianne Hough! The two-time winner of Dancing With the Stars has recently wrapped up her second studio album and now she's starring in Footloose which hits theaters next week.

She recently talked to Parade about her relationship with Ryan, how she feels about being a triple threat, and if she's similar to her character in the movie.

While they are the most adorable couple, fans often wonder how Ryan and Julianne handle their romantic relationship since they are so busy.

"We always joke that we’re the same person. We’re both driven and addicted to improving, and whatever we put into our work we put into our relationship, too," Julianne said. "It’s cool to have somebody in this world but not doing the exact same thing as you so you can have that support and understanding."

Dancing appears to be her passion, but she loves being able to excel in singing and acting as well.

"As a kid growing up I always wanted to do all three and I could never do one without the other. To me, they’re the most fulfilling things that I do in my life. So yes, right now, I am focused on the acting aspect but each project is something new and different and that is what I love about doing all three. It’s new and fresh and inspiring every time."

In Footloose, Julianne plays Ariel, the rebellious teenage daughter of the local Reverend and she noticed one similarity she has with her character.

"I think that she definitely holds up her walls like she is this bad girl but she’s a little girl on the inside. That’s what I do. I put my hard face on and cry on the inside."

Kick off your Sunday shoes and go see Footloose October 14th!

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