Joan Collins Urges Women to Stay Away From Rich Men

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Having been married 5 times, Joan Collins knows a thing or two about failed relationships. In her upcoming book, The World According to Joan Collins, the 78-year-old actress and author offers single women a piece of friendly advice – avoid rich men at all costs!

“I have never met a rich man yet who wasn’t in some way flawed,” she writes. “There are many examples of women being treated like chattels by rich men, and there are so many former trophy wives.  Beautiful and young, they marry a rich and powerful man and for several years have everything they dreamed about. Then comes the divorce, according to what suits him, and she becomes just another ex-wife losing her looks, influence, and money.”

It’s easy to think of examples supporting Joan’s claim. Kelsey Grammar, 56, recently dumped his 42-year-old wife for a woman 26 years his junior. Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hefner, and Donald Trump have also traded in their spouse for “a newer model” (though some take the opposite approach). Not only that, but plenty of wealthy men outside the public eye have also married beautiful, young women only to dump them a few years later. However, one can hardly place all of the blame on the men. How many trophy wives marry men for their money, knowing full well the fellows are attracted to beauty and youth?

What do you think about relationships between rich, old men and beautiful, young women? Creepy and wrong? Or fine as long as both parties know what is expected of them?

The World According to Joan Collins is slated for release on October 6, 2011.

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