Independent Music Video Tells Interracial Love Story

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Lovers, artists, sci-fi enthusiasts, feminists and fanatics of independent music are the audience for "[untitled]", a story about falling in and out of love, an interracial romance and a social statement about the oppression of women.

The song was featured on Robo-Robb's album SOULBOT2 which was released this past February. However, the music video was just recently finished, after 100 hours on set over a span of 10 months. Watch it below!

The lengthy process was due to the unique visuals. "[untitled]" was shot in four different styles. The producer, Ryan D'Silva, wanted to visually depict falling in and out of love.

The diner scene was shot in "stop motion" to show the surreal feeling of falling in love, while "time lapse" was used in the dentist office to build on that feeling. Then, "ghosting" was used during the pizza shop and radio station scenes to show the deterioration of love. No effects are used at the end of the video to show how everything returns to normal.

The song is called "[untitled]" because Robb chose a picture of a lotus blossom for the title, which can't easily be represented most places.

So, in the words of Robo-Robb, "This is my new video. I know you kids love videos."

Source: PRWeb

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