Husband and Wife Renew Vows as Wife and Wife

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Barry knew he was different at a very early age. While he would play football with the boys, he felt more compelled to play hopscotch with the girls. Desperate to fit in with the fellas, he started dating women and eventually married Anne after feeling an instant connection. "Despite my identity crisis, I was totally attracted to Anne," he said.

However, all those years of keeping his secret was killing him, so he confessed that he would wear Anne's clothes when she wasn't home and she was furious. "The first time I saw [him] wearing a dress I started hacking at it with scissors," she said. However, in time, Anne realized she still loved Barry and supported him through his sex change.

Barry changed his name to Jayne, began dressing as a woman in public, and started taking female hormones. Both carrying bouquets, 43-year-old Jayne and 53-year-old Anne recently renewed their wedding vows and are happier than ever.

Anne says, "I still love the same person, whether they’re called Barry or Jayne. Even though she does drive me mad when she steals my clothes without asking me!", while Jayne admits, "People might think I’m weird or a freak, but all that matters to me is that my wife loves me."

Source, Photo: Oddity Central

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