Hot Watch: Romain Jerome's Eyjafjallaokull DNA

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Specializing in unique, novelty watches such as ones crafted out of steel from the Titanic and dust from the moon, Romain Jerome is set to introduce another incredible luxury time piece. The Eyjafjallajokull-DNA claims to be made from actual volcanic ash and looks like it's melting right off your wrist. The face resembles fiery, molten lava and the hands are meant to look like little airplanes. While this collectible is certainly unique, critics are already complaining that this piece doesn't quite fit in with the brand's other more iconic creations.

Romain Jerome came up with the DNA series to "illustrate the legends of our time and the mythologies that will forge the memory of the 21st century." Will people still remember the Icelandic volcano's eruption and disruption many years from now? Romain Jerome doesn't care. They just wanted to create some media buzz for their brand and hope to make a pretty penny on their one-of-a-kind watches.  

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