Green Coffee Is Effective For Weight Loss

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Green tea may soon be replaced by green coffee as the drink of choice for weight loss. Green tea has long been touted for its slimming properties, but now, it seems drinking green coffee can have the same benefit. This is good news for coffee lovers.

Coffee beans are typically roasted and have a brownish hue after the process. Green coffee is raw, unroasted beans and it is prepared just like the roasted variety. The beans are rich with chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that will rid the body of free radicals and encourage good health.

Research conducted by Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co. Ltd. in Japan showed that the mixture of caffeine and chlorogenic acid found in green coffee effectively reduced fat absorption, making green coffee a good choice for weight loss.

Green coffee has also been shown to help those with hypertension. The Kao Corporation in Tokyo, Japan conducted a study that revealed a decrease in blood pressure.  Interestingly, the decrease in blood pressure was proportional to the amount of green coffee consumed.  The more green coffee one drank, the lower one’s blood pressure went.

If you have been drinking green tea for its many health benefits, you can switch to green coffee for the same benefits and a little variety.


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