Female Fans Only at Turkish Football Games

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For the first time in the world, women and children were the only fans at a football game for yesterday's match up between Fenerbahçe and Manisaspor. The Turkish Football Federation decided to take the drastic measure of banning men from games which involve teams sanctioned for unruly fan behavior.

Over 45,000 ladies and their little ones packed Istanbul's Sükrü Saracoglu stadium for this historic event.

"This memory will stay with me forever. It’s not always that you see so many women and children in one game," said Fenerbahçe captain Alex de Sousa. The visiting team was equally impressed, as Manisaspor midfielder Ömer Aysan said, "It was such a fun and pleasant atmosphere. At first we Manisaspor players couldn’t believe in what we were seeing and hearing."

The opportunity to be a part of history was the main reason that so many women wore their team gear and went to the game, but it also helped that the tickets were absolutely free!

In a country where women's right are often challenged, this event made the fairer sex feel more appreciated and empowered. Plus, it introduced many of them to a sport they never even cared about, since female attendance at Turkish football games has always been low.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw but the women were the real winners!

Source, Photo: National Turk 

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