Dos and Don'ts of Date Night Dressing

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Fashion designer Michael Kors has weighed in with a few dos and don’ts for date night outfits.

His first suggestion is to wear a bright color like fuschia or red. He thinks you should take a chance, be bold and show him you can roll the dice.  Stay away from all black.

Don’t forget to break out the bling, but keep it simple.  A gold necklace or a pair of diamond studs. Keep the fashion mantra less is more in mind.  Steer clear of the oversized earrings and necklaces.

Wear your hair in a soft and natural style. It should look effortless without the tons of hairspray. If it’s untouchable it is unsexy.

Opt to show just enough skin without giving him an eyeful. Try an off the shoulder or scoop neckline on top and have him wonder what he isn’t seeing.  Showing off major cleavage means he will not be looking you in the eye.

Keep your make up natural.  A little foundation, a brush of mascara, a bit of eye liner and a neutral pink lip-gloss or lipstick will do just fine.  Stay away from too much color, it only ages you.

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