Do's and Don't's Of Wedding Etiquette

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Wedding season is upon us and it requires a certain etiquette to navigate through it successfully.  Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind. 

When you receive an invitation in the mail, note the RSVP date.  If you know if you will be able to attend or not, it’s best to fill out the reply card and get it in the mail.  If you aren’t sure, you can wait to reply but make sure you reply by the deadline.  An important thing to note is that some RSVP’s may state regrets only, which means, if you can’t go you need to reply. When you don’t reply they will expect you and if you don’t show it’s rather rude.

Do not make the assumption that you can bring a date.   As much as you’d love to bring that new cute beau you are dating, unless the invitation is addressed to you and guest don’t drag him along. Whatever you do, do not call the bride and ask to bring a date.  There’s a good chance it wasn’t in her budget for single unmarried friends to bring a date in the first place.

Then there’s the gift.  Most couples register for items they need and will actually use. Shop early and buy from their registry while there is still a lot to pick from.  If you wait too long you may have to buy that set of tea towels with the cute little butterflies.  If you decide on a large gift have it shipped to them and don’t bring it to the reception.  The last thing they want to worry about at the end of the evening is how to get all the gifts home.

You might wonder what on earth you will wear to the event.  You will want to dress for the venue and time of day, even if it’s casual.  You can’t go wrong with a dress or a suit just as long as it is not white. If the bride and groom have special instructions the invitation or enclosures will let you know. 

Lastly, enjoy yourself.

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