Devon James Claims to Have Tiger Woods Sex Tape

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Devon James, one of Tiger Woods' many alleged mistresses, claims to have a sex tape with the newly-divorced golf star and is reportedly in talks with adult film company Vivid Entertainment. The Florida stripper and self-described "porn queen" describes the tape as "the bomb" and allegedly shows her and Tiger getting it on for over an hour. Ms. James is hoping to get around $350,000 for the steamy video which many people doubt truly exists as the porn star has a history of lying about her involvement with Woods.

In June, James claimed Tiger Woods fathered one of her children, but this claim was quickly shut down when DNA tests proved that Woods was (cue Maury Povich voice) NOT THE FATHER. James says it was a "misunderstanding." Her own mother, Sandra Brinling has said: "My daughter is nothing but a pathological liar... there was no relationship with Tiger Woods."

Even if the tape does exist James may see none of the profits. She reportedly signed an agreement with radio talk host, Bubba the Love Sponge, of Tampa, which give would give him control over the video and any revenue it brings in. She, of course, denies it. Another misunderstanding perhaps?

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