Denmark Cultivates Sperm Export Business

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Do you dream of having a child with rugged nordic good looks, but find yourself in need of a sperm donor? Denmark has the stuff you are looking for.

It is an odd export business but one that is thriving.Thanks to an efficient sperm-bank process and an army of willing young male donors, they have amassed more donated sperm than they could possibly use. So leveraging their reputation for charming good looks and healthy living they decided to export their gene pool worldwide.

The Cryos sperm bank in Aarhus, Denmark, their second largest city, has 439 approved donors and exports to fertility clinics and private customers in 65 different countries. Ole Schou, CEO and founder of Cryos says, “We are the world’s largest sperm bank. Around 2,000 babies a year are born as a result of our product. The vast majority of donors are young male students who aren’t interested in becoming fathers- they mainly want to earn some extra cash.” He adds, “The quality of their semen is exceedingly high as the donors are in the prime of health.”

They have one enthusiastic donor who has produced 101 children so far and still counting.

Perhaps the Danes are so successful at collecting such vast amounts of sperm because they allow their donors to remain anonymous. Throughout Europe and the UK, donors are required to reveal their identities.

So how does an infertile couple go about selecting the perfect donor? They can, for a small, fee listen to audio recordings of the donors voice and peruse baby pictures of potential donors.

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