Can Romance Novels Ruin Relationships?

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If you're one who likes your hot and heavy Harlequin novels, relationship experts say they may be interfering with your love life.

Are people really letting fiction infringe on reality? I did just read a story about a woman who was so obsessed with the Twilight series that she told her husband, "I don't want to have sex until Bella does." The poor guy had to wait eight months until the fourth installment came out.

Experts say romance novels idealize love and give women false expectations. "While romance may be the wonderful foundation for a novel, it’s not a sufficiently strong foundation for running a lifelong relationship," says psychologist Susan Quillaim.

She also suggests that these types of books promote negative attitudes towards safe sex. She cites a survey in which only one out of ten romantic novels mentions condoms.  

"I’m not arguing all romantic fiction is misguided, wrong or evil," says Quilliam. "But if readers start to believe the story, then they store up trouble for themselves – and then they bring that trouble into our consulting rooms."

It's not likely that your significant other will ride up on a horse, shirtless, with long hair whipping in the wind. However, if you desire more romance in your relationship, it's ok to talk about it. Maybe these novels help ladies realize which aspects of their lives could use a little more romance.

As long as ladies understand that fiction is fiction, and taking on the actions of book characters is crazy, there's nothing wrong with reading whatever you want!

Source: Marie Claire, Photo: cgdezign

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