Study: Beautiful People Happier, Earn More Money

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Are beautiful people happier than plain people? According to a new study, the answer is yes. However, beauty itself doesn’t bring happiness. It’s the economic benefits beauty reaps.

Researchers from the University of Texas – Austin arrived at this conclusion after reviewing five international studies conducted between 1971 and 2009 and launching a new survey this year. In the recent survey, interviewers quizzed study participants about their level of happiness and then ranked the participants in terms of attractiveness. The results?

Beautiful people, the top 15% ranked by looks, reported being more than 10% happier than plain people, those ranking in the bottom 10% by looks. Researchers also found that pretty people earn more money, on average, than plain people and marry attractive people who are also high earners.

"The majority of beauty's effect on happiness works through its impact on economic outcomes," said lead author Daniel Hamermesh.

But why do beautiful earn more money? According to Todd Kashdan, an associate professor of psychology at George Mason University, society tends to favor pretty people, unfair though it may be.

"Think about it as a gateway to getting what you want from life — job intereviews, first dates, making those initial impressions, persuading and influencing other people," he said. "Attractiveness gives that slight edge. They're getting the benefit of the doubt at first sight, and unattractive people aren't."

USA Today

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