3 Lovely Ladies with Large, Long Body Parts

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Chanel Tapper, World's Longest Tongue!

Ladies are known for spending significant amounts of time on their hair and nails, but these new additions to the Guinness World Records book have taken it to extremes. With a 4 foot afro, 10 feet of fingernails, and a 3.8 inch tongue, these three women will make you say, "Wow!"

Christine Walton won the title of World's Longest Fingernails. The right hand has 9ft. 7in. of nails, while the left has 10ft. 2in. The 45-year-old singer also goes by her stage name "The Dutchess" and hasn't cut her nails since 1990.

Next up is Aevin Dugas, a 36-year-old social worker who holds the record for the World's Largest Afro. Her hair's circumference measures 4ft. 4in. and it took her over 12 years to grow it.

Lastly, Chanel Tapper is young but she sure has a long tongue! The 21-year-old student wins World's Longest Tongue at 3.8 inches from tip to top lip. While she's enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, she admits her tongue does affect her relationships.

"Most guys that know or already see it automatically have their mind in the gutter, and so do some females. I don't have a boyfriend, but the last guy I dated didn't make it that big of a deal, and I really liked him for that," Chanel said.

Check out these videos of the first two ladies!

Source, Photo: Guinness World Records

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