Beware of Stereotypical Gender Gifts

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Do you rely on men or women’s gift guides when shopping for the holidays? You might want to rethink that strategy. While gender-specific guides can be useful, not all men like ties or tools, and not all women find candles and lotion appealing. As a recent post on Reddit shows, generic gender gifts often miss the mark.

Stereotypical gifts for men include boxers, tools, watches, and cologne. However, not all men want or need these items.

“People tend to get guys power tools and cologne and boxer shorts and whatnot,” writes one male user. “But I want the same shit you were getting me when I was 15. Video games, movies, comic books, and toys. I want to rip open a present and see a Mars Attacks set of cards staring back up at me. That would be the best Christmas ever.”

Women also receive their share of stereotypical gifts, though some find “men’s” gifts much more appealing. 

“Men get electronics and interesting books and fancy liquor,” writes a frustrated female user. “Women get stinky candles and perfume, over and over and over.”

So what should you get instead? It depends on the person. Pay attention to their interests and hobbies, and try to find a relevant item you’ll think they enjoy. Think over past conversations and try to remember if they mentioned wanting or needing anything. You could also approach mutual friends or acquaintances for ideas or simply ask the person directly. Don’t just assume they’ll like a particularly item simply because they’re a man or woman.

The key to great gift giving is to put a little thought into a gift, rather than simply relying on a generic guide. Good luck!

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