Brewers Take Aim at Women with Lady-Specific Beers

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Is beer too masculine for you to enjoy knocking back a few cold ones every now and then? Two of the world’s biggest brewers, Molson Coors and Carlsberg, are guessing that’s the problem with their lagging sales, and have taken aim at women in hopes for higher profits.


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50 Healthiest Beers, According to the Daily Beast

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As we’ve all heard by now, drinking in moderation can have its benefits. But as we also may know, drinking too much beer can lead to the inevitable bummer of a beer gut. Thankfully, editors at the Daily Beast have put together a list of the 50 least-fattening (not, as they claim, most healthy) beers.  Follow this list and you too can keep that stellar physique you work so hard on.

The list focuses on which beers have the fewest calories and carbs for the most alcoholic percentage. That is, something with a lower alcoholic percentage (4% instead of 5%, say) could have fewer calories, but it also won’t get you as drunk as fast…and no one wants that!  Also, it’s been said that dark beers may be more heart-healthy than lighter brews, but this list doesn’t take that into account.  This list simply tells you which drinks are least likely to cause the weight gain associated with caloric/carbohydrate intake.

So without further ado, half of The List:

1      I.C. Light – 95 cal, 2.8 carbs, 4.15% ABV

2.     Michelob Ultra – 95 cal, 2.6 carbs, 4.1% ABV

3.     Natural Light – 95 cal, 3.2 carbs, 4.2% ABV

4.     Budweiser Select – 99 cal, 3.1 carbs, 4.3% ABV

5.     Miller Lite – 96 cal, 3.2 carbs, 4.2% ABV


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